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What is SWIMR?

SWIMR is swim training and/or strength training coached by a professional trainer from the swimming world. It’s small group training or personal training and you’ll be working technique, strength and endurance in the water. SWIMR helps you to become a better swimmer.

For whom is SWIMR?
SWIMR is available for every swimmer that wants to become better. For the start level you must be able to swim at least 1 lane in front crawl. There are groups for beginners and more advanced swimmers. The coach will always take your personal capacity into account.

I can not swim front crawl yet, can I join anyway?

No front crawl yet? In that case we advise you to start with a front crawl course in one of our swimming pools. After the front crawl course we are more than happy to welcome you in the SWIMR groups.

What’s beginner and what’s advanced?

The beginner group is suitable for swimmer that swim 1 to a few lanes front crawl. When you want to work the basics, technique and breathing for example, the beginner group is the group for you. The advanced group is for the more advanced swimmers, for example more experienced swimmers and triathletes. When you are a moderate to good swimmer and you want to work speed and details, the advanced group is the group for you.

How can I apply?

You can choose and buy a SWIMR program in our webshop. You can buy and pay online. You need an account for our webshop, so make sure to make one when you want to purchase a SWIMR program. Before your first training you go to the cashier in Zwemcentrum Rotterdam where you receive a SWIMR bottle and bracelet. The cashier helps you with activating your program. With the bracelet you receive, you can check in at the entry gates in the pool.

What’s the location of SWIMR?

The SWIMR workouts are in Zwemcentrum Rotterdam. It’s a modern pool with a 50 meters pool (10 lanes) and a separate 25 meters pool. The gym for the strength training is very modern and offers swim specific materials. In Zwemcentrum Rotterdam you find changing rooms, lockers, warm showers and a healthy restaurant that offers fresh products. You can reach the location best by public transport: subway and bus station Zuidplein is located directly next to the pool.

Who is coaching?

The SWIMR coaches are experienced swim and strength trainers from swim club and swim education center Blue Marlins. They have a background in (inter)national swimming and apply their knowledge and methods to make you a better swimmer.

How many swimmers are in the group workouts?

The swimming group workouts are with a maximum of 12 swimmers. Personal training is one-on-one coaching.

What do I bring?

When you book your SWIMR program be sure to bring your swimming suit, goggles and cap. When you have paddles, zoomers or a pull buoy, you can bring those as well. You can bring your own kickboard or lend one from the pool.

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